July 27, 2005

Ice tends to melt.

Right now I am sitting at the desk and quite literally watching ice melt. You see, I filled my bottle up from the tap at home yesterday, then when I got back to my parents place, I put it in the freezer, so it would be cold when I took it out later that evening to go for a nice walk and "shoot some hoops" (silly phrase) behind the gymnasium at my university. I eventually did go for a walk and I did the shooting, but I forgot to take the water out. In fact, it stayed in there all night and I only just took it out this morning. It's still not all melted.

I ran for a half hour a while ago and some water would be nice. I could fill it with some tap water from here, but the tap just isn't as nice here as it is at home. Tastes funny.

I got a call today from a job I applied to many weeks ago. They said my resume looked great and they wanted an interview. Unfortunately their schedule conflicts with the classes I'm taking this fall. Thumbs down. Thumbs down.

I think I will watch this Arsenal-Tottenham match repeat. I'm not sure if Thierry Henry was back for it. He is a pretty runner.

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