more biting, less talking

I am in Rapid City, SD right now, and my days are filled with dirty dishes and daydreams of the coming summer at Antioch.

I have landed a sweet cash-paying job at a fine restaurant that serves Meditteranean fare. The staff is as good humoured as they are good looking, and I am happy to be working for only a week. I wash dishes, and that is one easy job, let me tell you. I just spray and spray and spray some more, and when the dishes are clean, I stand around, and maybe sweep the floor a bit.

I leave Rapid City on Wednesday, to go to Pierre to see my nephew, who is about to graduate high school. He goes to boot camp just a few weeks after he graduates, to join the Army, and fight fight fight for Uncle Sam. I have some problems with this, but there's not much I can do about his choice to join the military right out of high school.

I go from Pierre to Ohio and arrive on the 23rd, and then I will be able to relax for some time. I will take some classes, and generally lay around and read, maybe hike or something.

That's my May.


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