December 25, 2005

And here it is.

Yeah, it's been less than 24 hours, and I am delivering on my promise. How fucking cool am I?

Alright.... these won't be in any particular order other than the top 3.

10. Dalek- Absence: Yeah, so what can you say about the most raw and unforgiving hip hop on the planet? It's good, damn good. Thank you dalek for making me feel like shit for being white.

9. Amina- AminaAmina: It's only 4 songs long, but each track has something special about it. While I used to commend the Kronos quartet for taking string arrangements to new places, Amina fucks their F-holes until their strings are broken. This is seriously some beautiful stuff.

8. Jim Yoshii Pile Up- Picks us apart: On initial listen, Jim Yoshii Pile Up sounds like your typical emotional rock band, but on further inspection, you realize that they are a really good emotional rock band. This album could be considered to be a guilty pleasure, but I'm too proud of it to let it be.

7. The Frames-Burn the Maps: Admittedly, this album has become quite old after hearing it so many damn times (thanks Terry), but each song still holds some sort of emotinal tie even to this day. After being ragged on by Pitchfork for being crap, I think the album became that much better. Good irish music from Ireland... who would have thought?

6. Danger Doom- The Mouse and the Mask: Aqua teen hunger force meets the streets of compton, then get's mashed up by a dorky producer. Really, I mean that.

5. Antony and the Johnsons- I am a Bird Now: If there was ever a faggy moment for me in 2005 (i'm sure there were a ton), it was my acceptance of this album as being "good." I don't know what it is, I just love to hate this stuff, and It always ends up on my ipod playlist. "hope there's someone" is an incredible song both lyrically and musically, which makes up for the broadway bombast that is Antony. As I describe it to others: "A transgender potato sack sings show tunes."

4. Vitalic- Ok Cowboy: Bmm Bmm Bmm tssssss.... Yeah, so a techno album had to slip into my list somewhere, so why not here? What a wacked out album this turned out to be, and it just goes to show that there is still some originality in the electronic scene. Almost every song on here just makes you want to shake your ass. Your dorky ass, because this is certainly geeky shit. I love it.

And now the top 3!!!!

3. Pelican- The Fire in our Throats will Becon the Thaw: Leave it to a metal-esque post-rock ba-nd to have an album title that spans an entire line of blog space. I never used to consider myself to be a fan of Pelican, then I had heard they were touring with Red Sparowes, so I figured it was my duty to check out the new album before seeing them play. What I didn't know was that I was going to be blown away by nearly every track on this cd. The live show was just as incredible, leaving my ears with a need for medical attention. This is a great band, and a great record.

2. Red Sparowes- At the Soundless Dawn: One of the biggest suprises of the year for me. Who would have thought that members of isis and neurosis had such a sound in them? I thought I had a lot to say about this gem, but I don't. It's just post-rock at it's very best: tight, interesting, and dynamic.

1. Sigur Ros- Takk: Umm... duh.

Honorable mentions:

Swords- Metropolis

The Books: Lost and Safe

Bloc Party- Silent Alarm (this one really should have been on the list, I sort of forgot until now...oops.)

M83- Don't save us from the flames

The Dead Science- Frost Giant

That's all folks... don't ever expect that again.

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Top lists

I determined today that I want to compile a list of top 10 albums from this year. I get so hung up on lists, and I really don't know why. I get offended when there is a ton of shit in other people's lists that do not suit my taste even when I know it's a trite notion to do so.

I'm tired... I'll do this in the following days.... it's going to blow your mind.

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December 07, 2005

It's 4am, do you know where god is?

I had thought about starting this with the usual " Ahh" or "Sooo..." since they tend to be universal ice breakers (and in most cases, ice solidifiers) but what the hell.... why not just use a disclaimer for the start of an entry?

It goes without saying that South Dakota is frozen tundra shithole when it's winter time. Durring the summer, these are the times I fear for reasons I couldn't count on 30 pairs of hands, and now that it is here, I bitch and complain about it.

I really don't mind it to be brisk, or even have snow on the ground, but I don't like the fact that I can crack my headphones in half when I remove them from my head. If I didn't have such an oedipus complex formed with mother nature (you will refer to her as "Mrs. Nature" in my presence) I'd give her a broken glass enema. That's right, BDSM and Wicca in the same sentence, eat my balls James Joyce.

In other selfish news, I'm growing a beard. I figure it's time I try to blend in with the other self loathing post-rock fans for awhile until I realize that beards look like shit, and hardly anyone can pull them off. For anyone who has tried to grow one, or has one currently: mad props.... This shit itches like mad, and those who have survived deserve their own Bond's Gold powder commercial. I am currently sticking to conditioner that has " oh shit, that burns my face" in it to keep me from going insane. I've been told I look like a pedophile and a russian with my new look, so I think by all accounts it's a success.

I'd like to mention I saw Sigur Ros again this last September, and in August I saw Pelican with Red Sparowes. Point of this mention? So I can remember when it comes up in conversation. Both shows were filled with adjectives that I don't feel like typing out right now, but "great" will suffice as a placeholder.

I'm blogging, what the hell is wrong with me.


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