Posted on Sunday, 22 February 2004 at 10:15 PM. About Ames. About national affairs.

An Early-Morning Drama

This is what I started writing last Wednesday:

I was sitting for my M & I exam this morning with fifteen minutes and half a problem to go when the loud, shrill siren of the fire alarm pierced the room. After a few moments of stupefied silence, my professor composed himself and said, "All right, here's what we'll do... turn in your exams and leave the building. You have two minutes. Class is over for the day." Anyway, the point is, I have some free time, so I thought I might get some thoughts down before starting my office hours at the station.

  • Much has been said about how Howard Dean has used the Internet to revolutionize political fundraising, as he raised some obscene amount of money in no time at all. After months of putting up with quotes in newspaper articles from swaggering bloggers about how "the power of the Internet has changed everything," it was strangely vindicating to wake up this morning and hear that Howard Dean will be the first presidential candidate in 25 years to raise the most money and not receive his party's nomination. The power of the Internet indeed!
  • We've been watching the AT&T Wireless acquisition at the house for a while now. It turns out the roommate and I are both GSM freaks, and Vodafone buying AT

...aaaaaaand then I puked my breakfast out. Don't ever give yourselves food poisoning, kids. It's bad mojo.

More news as events warrant, and boy, do they warrant!

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