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"Everybody stops talking after a while. You know how you start nodding: 'Oh yeah, sure, sure, sure. Yeah, yeah, we cool, yeah, yeah'. Why do you stop talking? Because at some point you have heard everything this person has to say, and it makes you sick to your stomach! You know what they're going to say before it even comes out of their mouth, and you just want to stab them in the neck with a pencil. You can't take this shit no more! They're like, 'Uhh, you remember that time...' Yeah, I remember that time! 'Did I ever tell you about that time...' Yeah, you told me about that time! You've been telling me the same shit over and over again! Why don't you go get kidnapped, have some new shit happen to ya!" -- Chris Rock skewers friendship.

Communication is everything. So when communication breaks down, everything is lost. And since coming here, I've slowly started communicating with others less and less. With my new friends. With my old friends. With my family. Even with myself. It's been a long-held tenet of philosophy that man is a social animal, that we all need each other, that isolation is suicide. Scientific sociological studies have even started to confirm this as being true, to some extent.
And now here I am in Iowa, not talking to anyone outside of the radio station, an organization that has probably helped me keep my grasp on sanity. Thank God I signed up for that. Aside from that, however... I don't know. One fellow I did communicate with at the station recalled to me how he once spent six days or so in his room, locked in the throes of an anxiety attack. I should not complain, if only on this basis alone. So I suppose will stop complaining to EditPad, Joan, and the regular viewer.

Unrelated topic: What Interests People. Joan has talked on this matter at length, but looking over the recent logs, it seems like the writings I've posted that have had the biggest impact have been those that slam people at length. The ranting about Hector Avalos and Tom Short and jabs at Steve Skutnik were popular somehow, at least with the G-funk. I don't understand at all. Maybe I should attack people more often? But that would be neither cordial nor neighborly...

For future thought: services like LiveJournal, Diary Land, and Blogger allow people to easily publish their thoughts and feelings for anyone and everyone to see. Yet, this means anyone and everyone can learn an alarming amount about complete and total strangers without revealing themselves or sharing anything in return. Never in history has there existed any similar form of socialization, with the possible exception of arranged marriages if you really want to stretch things. So where is this medium headed? Is this a dangerous form of modern-day anomie? And how will this change the way people interact and meet in the future? Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone addresses this well, I hear. I bring it up because, as usual, the nature of these gizmos eludes me, and I keep cramming myself into some... awkward situations, let's say. Hai~...

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