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This Is Your April!

Oh man. I've been really busy lately. Also it is four in the morning right now... I just wrote something in an email that is worth repeating, so I will repeat it here:

It turns out all the crazy rumors I heard about that unfortunate incident last Friday were true, and now the kids who received the knife are being charged with assault:
Two arrests made in Saturday stabbings
It's what they call 'tragicomic.' To enhance your appreciation of the lighter aspects of this drama, a story:
Supposedly this Jeffrey fellow stopped by a local video rental store a few weeks ago and asked the manager to tell the police, if they should ever ask, that at a certain date and time he was not robbing a convenience store across town but, in fact, here renting videos. Having never actually met the lad before, the manager pondered this for a bit and then went to the back of the store, removed the surveillance video of Mr. Lundgren that had just been recorded, and took it to the police.
So *that's* the kind of crime we deal with here in Ames. Epic, but only in its stupidity.

So my life has not been without excitement.

If you are in Ames, you should go to the Battle of the Bands this Saturday, because it will be awesome. As Jeremy Hilbert so poignantly said, "you better bring a second pair of socks to the battle in the anticipation your first pair will be rocked off."


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  1. 1 Joan Stewart
    Posted on Friday, 6 May 2005 at 02:45 PM about 'This Is Your April!'.


    I had one of their wraps and it was darn good.

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