Posted on Saturday, 12 August 2006 at 01:14 PM. About Rapid City.

4 am coffee and biscuits

Of course, as soon as I made that last post my camera battery decided to terminate its batteriffic properties. So I will be borrowing a camera for the brief remainder of my stay. Things I missed taking pictures of:

o Dinosaur Hill on a beautiful, sunny day
o President James Madison holding a flower; later, President James Madison making a telephone call.
o A bunch of kids on unicycles hanging out at (and off of) metal Richard Nixon.
o This awesome show in a crowded pub featuring The Michael J. Parkinsons and Good Friday with local act Lost Boys and two of their derivative projects, Imaginary Girlfriends and Keyboards and Computer.
o DIVERSE PERSONAE. Who knew there were kids in this town under thirty who do things besides grind on each other to old Timberland cuts at Murphy's? Somehow I missed this in my five years away.

Anyway, I will get a camera and take some pictures, and post them for your enjoyment.

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