gravels and ices

Right, so basically all you need to understand about what I am doing right now are contained in the next three sentences:

  • I am attending college as a full time student, but I am paying less than half-tuition and taking one 4 credit course.

  • I have a bedroom, everything I need in the world, three meals a day, and $50 a month.

  • Trees and mountainous wilderness surround me, and I have forgotten what traffic sounds like.

  • In addition to these gems, I am going to Florida over spring break! It will be an in depth tour of the south-east: Atlanta, Tampa, the Everglades, the Keys, Miami, Cape Canaveral, Celebration® (a city that Disney© OWNS), Jacksonville, and Charleston, SC. I will be away two weeks, and again, all my food and care are in the hands of others, who will provide in kind.

    Nice people in North Carolina. I just wish I had a car for my days off. It is beautiful and everything, but I'm getting a bit of the old cabin fever. I can't wait for Spring Break! Florida is going to be amazing!


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    I now live on the side of a mountain, and it is nice. With a snow covered landscape, trees on all sides, and a half-mile hike down a mountain every morning, I am getting happier with the place every time I look around. I can't tell how much I will change in the next few months, but I know that in the month I have already spent here, I have become well aware of how much demand there is in this country for some kind of meaningful education reform. Public schools suck compared to this place. The students have class for about five hours a day, and math only four days a week. It is utter madness most of the time, mainly because the schedule is rather loose. There are just two bells on campus, one outside the dining room (where everyone, students and faculty, eats together) that is sounded before every meal; and one that is rung by the student "organizer," in order to call the school to order when announcements must be made.

    Before every meal, and before every meeting at this school, some one says, "Silence," and everyone (all 40 of us) sits or stands silently for about a minute. This time is used to calm down, and to reflect upon events of the day, or to meditate upon some small thought...anything really, as long as it is done silently. I am loving it.


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