I have an idea that people would benefit greatly if given the opportunity to report their own state of emotion on a scale of emotions.

The scale would range from 1 to 99, and include at every ten digits a word that might give a great deal of aid in understanding the relationship between the scale and emotional responses. A response of 1 could be characterised as "dismal, or wretched," whereas a response of 99 could be understood as "utterly blissful," with a host of other emotional descriptors in between.

I intend to carry out a study over the 12 weeks of this coming summer using this scale, which I will publish shortly, at Antioch College.

This is meant as only a note to inform and open up the line of discussion between potential participants.

I will carry out this study with only one goal (to start):

To show, conclusively, whether humans can and do communicate on an emotional level without benefit of interaction verbally, or even physically. If this cannot be shown, I hope to conclude that, at least, it cannot be measured.

This goal is the reason for the study's name:



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From FL to the AT

Back from Florida.

That was an amazing trip. I met a bunch of really cool people, and those I didn't meet thought I was handsome and interesting, despite our not having conversed. I went to all of the places listed in a previous entry, and had a blasted blast of a time. There was not much drinking water in Florida. People there do not drink from the tap, for the water smells like rotting eggs, or dinosaur vomit, or something.
I am tanned, and I have taken very few showers in the past three weeks.

Spring break starts in two days, and I will be hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail. I will be enduring and surviving 6 days and nights in the mountains. I am also going to be fasting during that time. I hope to come close to death. If I do not come close to death, I hope that the postage to send death a letter will not be too expensive.

What would I write in a letter to death?

  • Dear Death,
    Today I thought I was going to die. I didn't though, haha!! I was looking at the sky and I thought that maybe if I just died right then that everything would be perfect, and then I heard a hiker taking a crap down the trail from where I was, and he made a really loud farting noise and then went, "AAAAAAAHH!" Then I thought that perhaps now would not be such a good time. I hope this finds you well, and that you find me soon. Could we play cards when you come to get me? I've always thought that would be great fun, it looked like Bill and Ted enjoyed it. I think it would be fun also if you led me on for a while, like made me think that I was about to die, but then I didn't and keep doing that for weeks or months, and then finally, some Thursday lunchtime, BAM. I'm dead. That would be cool. Could you check on that, to see if that can be arranged? Anyways, maybe I'll see you soon.
    Daniel R. Luthy (alive)


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