August 27, 2003

Radiohead Sucks.


I just came back from denver today... Although the trip had its complications, it didn't matter, based on the fact that I saw fucking RADIOHEAD! Ahhhh! Oh it was is a nice rundown for ya...

We arrived to red rocks around 12:30, to make sure we would have decent ga seats ( yes I worked my butt off on waste with no avail). The people in front of us were pretty cool and were conversational on occasion. The line began moving, and the sheer ammount of people who cut were pissing me off! On top of that, people would just tell their friends to come up the line in front of us. Of course, they would have like 6 friends at a time. I spoke up a couple of times, but everyone seemed to ignore me, imagine that.

As the day progressed, the more alcohol I saw consumed. People were pulling out jim bean, and were getting trashed before the show started. That really really pissed me off. I dont mind if you drink a beer or two, but do you really find it necessary to get sloshed before one of the best concerts you could ever see? For you drunk bastards....screw you, and I hope you all lose your livers.

After more pushing and line cutting, I would estimate that over 100 people had cut in front of us even though we had been waiting all day long. My goal was to get those row 26 seats, ended up with 30, which Im not complaining about, but it's the priniciple that bothers me.

The show started, and I had realized how many drunk people were surrounding me...woo...great, loud and obnoxious people. The show was amazing though, I silenced out all of the obnoxiousness for something I had been waiting 3 years for.

Highlights included....

- talk show host....its the one song I hoped they would play, they did, I nearly creamed.
- talk show host going into idioteque..., I was dancing like a madman in the stands...must have looked like a tard! Beautiful!

- everything in its right place played like no other recording I have heard. They took this song to a new level last night...just kept going and going with johnny destroying the hell out of his kaos pad...I didnt want that song to all...

-big ideas...yeah, I heard it played...hahaha ha ha ha

- buying a neat bootleg t-shirt from a brittish guy...hillarious.


-drunk people, I think I said enough before.

- They didn't touch amnesiac, and I really was looking forward to hearing "like spinning plates" or "pyramid song"

- Didn't play the 2 accoustic jams I wanted to hear..."street spirit", and "exit music"

-getting asked by 2 drunk older ladies what the first song that was played was was there, there...good god

So, all in all, it had its lows, but they definetely didn't outweigh the they're good.

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August 14, 2003

Mmm baby

NitrOus Cow: deep down...the only special people are those with an extra chromosome

orgasmsubstitute: Yeah, and I just wasn't blessed like that.

NitrOus Cow: I bet you would be hot if you had down syndrome

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August 13, 2003


oo o o o

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August 05, 2003

Tacky Turnicate

I learned the other day that the coveted is hiring for writers. Initially I realized that this was the best opportunity of my life. In fact, the amount of excitement to begin the project was at its peak. Shortly thereafter, I lost my excitement, and a wave of pre-meditated writers block hit me. I haven't even tried writing anything, and I am already fearing the failure to write past a paragraph's worth of music bull. I promise to write something by the end of the week, otherwise I'll dissapoint myself.

In other news, I am already begining to see the decline in summer. The days have become slightly shorter, and the nights cooler. There always seems to be a sense of struggle to get in every last summer memory by the end of August. Not just for me, but for anyone who accepts summer for what it is...warmth and opportunity.

Lastly, I wanted to apologize to Mr. Jimmy Carter....I didn't really mean all of thsoe things about you making my butt hurt. I'll call you later baby, and I hope you'll be wearing that tie that I love.

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