September 29, 2003

where oh where...

It's been awhile...

and too often I put myself into this laziness slump of not writing in my journal. If any brownie points could be earned, they would be for wanting or thinking about wanting to write in my journal. I am enrolled in school now, and of course, with it being tech and all, I despise it. At this point, going to school is more of something to do, rather than sit on my butt all day. I really do miss the summer though, and my days of skating are getting more limited. Im not entirely sure how well I am going to do this semester, but I have already aquired most of the tricks to successfully cheat myself through each class. I pay money to cheat, and yes, I like it.

In somewhat related news, I am writing for the school newspaper as of 2 days ago. Apparently the staff leader of the paper was " excited" with my vocabulary and my "excellent" writing skills. I take no pride in this what so ever because I constantly remind myself that I am going to a tech and engineering school, and a majority of these people have a tough time grasping the english language. Ill just go about my business, and if people dig, than thats cool too.

I think I might be moving pretty soon, yet again....I can't honestly say I am looking forward to it at all, especially because I dont know where I am going to end up. I've been in this situation countless times before, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it.

Getting new headphones today....stoked....end of entry, good bye

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