November 30, 2003

they love me, really.

See....girls like me, just in that, you know, wronged up way.

"you're polite in a way that could make almost anyone feel like a cheapy
. it's worthy of love, it is."

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November 24, 2003

I love that show

" you look like a steak marinated in skank juice"

Did I mention Adult Swim is the best thing to happen to television since H.R Puff N' Stuff....

One more thing.... Sign the Coffee Crisp petition!!! do it now!

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November 15, 2003

Pocky...its delicious

"Altho i'm a girl~ Men's Pocky chocolate is da only one dat i'll eat...! it's da best ... i'll eat it whenever i'm sad or happy; dat's da only flavour i'll eat...among all sorts of pocky sticks~ Men's Pocky Chocolate Rulz~"

hmm... and look at the asian food section, then snacks...and enjoy

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November 02, 2003

So it happens...


Last night I and friends, made a flan. This picture is the result of our efforts. I can thoroughly say that the flan was gross. I ended up puking at 5am this morning, probably not because of the flan, but I will say that it is because of the flan. Further proof that the flan wins!


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