October 30, 2003

The downfall of society

This is a crappy day. I'm not going to sit here and rant about dumb emo heartbreak stories, but rather waste your time and let you know why I hate today. Snow. Snow is crap.

What real purpose does snow have? Honestly, it pisses off humans, animals, and anything inbetween. Sure, the snow might bring benefits to certain people, but the negatives outweigh the positives.

Here is a friendly rundwon:

- #1 Snow is white, and looking through history, white seems to only lead to trouble....you know, whatever.

- #2 Snow is cold. Last time I checked, cold really doesn't relate to happy in any form.

- #3 Snow is blinding: We don't live in a braile world....I can't just drive a car over the braile covered streets to find my way to my destination. " honey? I think there were 4 vertical bumps 2 horizontal, and 1 diagnal at that last intersection....we're supposed to turn right here." ( no disrespect to Stevie Wonder)

- #4 Snow leads to other problems: heat bills rise, cash money,hoes drop. Ho' less = sadness.

-#5 Snow kills: Dead bums align the street, creating speed bumps that your SUV considers to be potholes. A little bird falls from the tree at terminal velocity, half alive, wings half dead, each millisecond becoming more important exponentially. One wing begins to work, and the other stuck to it's side by a single droplet of water, frozen seconds before the fall. The droplet breaks loose and the bird regains consciousness only to be reunited with the earth face first, with no regret. What is left is a mere blood stain, and a snow covered beak.

In conclusion, the snow is bunk. The flan wins.

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October 14, 2003

Good news of the day...

Today...after just casually surfing the net....I learned that....

UNDERWORLD IS RELEASING AN ANTHOLOGY ON VINYL! AHHHH 4 LP with every single track I have ever wanted on vinyl by them....yes.....yes.....yes..

alright...thats about all for the good news, my throat hurts.

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October 13, 2003

Custard's Last Flan


Many thanks go to Rowen for his recent comment. Im not entirely sure who you are, but hello, I guess... Im assuming that the people who left comments are friends of mine just trying to be jackasses, and congrats, they succeeded.

So Ben and I had another jam session last night, and it went quite well. We sort of named our songs, but more or less they are just names so we know what we're talking about without having to play the first chords. Im not entirely certain if all the songs are going the way of what I intended to do with music progression, but they are fun none the less. Maybe I need to learn a bit more to fall into the "post rock" genre, but until then Im just going to play out.

anyhow, a passage.....from the bible.......

Flan, pronounced [FLAHN] is commonly used as a term to describe the Spanish, Portuguese or Mexican version of Creme Caramel normally baked in a water bath and turned out of it's mold onto a plate for serving. In England the term usually refers to a crust with either a sweet or savory filling. The crust is formed and baked in a flan ring, cooled and filled. The sweet filling frequently includes a custard.

Spanish and Mexican Sweet Custard
Flan, the custard, is is a very popular dessert in Spain and in Mexico. It is normally made with whole eggs and milk with a caramel coating. The typical favoring is simply vanilla but there are numerous variations that include almonds , pistachio, lemon, and various other fruits.

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October 10, 2003

Im not so sure why

ehh hmm...

why is that I have a crapload of comments under the "radiohead sucks" entry? Im still recieving comments on a weekly basis about how much everyone hates them. Please, reach your hands out and give me a hug, because I love you all....really.

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October 06, 2003

If you ask Jesus from mexico city, mexico how he prepares a flan, he will reply with this.

" I use 4 energy trees from my mana pool, then I usually use an upright attack, so I don't get poisoned. Then I cook it with a bit of extra sugar."

The Flan Wins

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October 05, 2003

I despise quizes, but...

Quiz Me
Jesse Jund spins tunes as
DJ Penetrating Slayer

Get your dj name @ Quiz Me

you know...I think thats about the best name I have ever been given, next to glue of course. Glue is the best nickname man can have.

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