February 25, 2004

I admit, I am a liar

.... I knew this would happen...

Remember all those times I told you that I despised the Rapture? I lied, I am a liar.

Well, okay not completely, I still hate them, but "house of jealous lovers" Is such a motherf catchy song.....I bob my head everytime I hear it. GAHH!

On that note....Yeah yeah yeahs.....What is it about that "date with a night" song? I used to despise it too, and now Im like ", that is so darn groovin, that evil catchy bassline".

Somebody please shoot me.

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Hey ya.

NitrOus Cow: whats colder than cold?

orgasmsubstitute: no.

NitrOus Cow: oh come on

orgasmsubstitute: nope.

NitrOus Cow: ice cold............shake it sha sha shake it....shake it like a polaroid picture

orgasmsubstitute: i'm never talking to you again.

NitrOus Cow: i think i reaaly know what colder than cold is now.

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February 23, 2004



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February 10, 2004

The continuation

Ahh....and I deliver on my word.....


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February 09, 2004

My first comic...


this isn't the original for this series, but this one came to mind today, so I am posting it here. Eventually, Terry and I want a whole series of these comics. I hope you enjoy them!....

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Im so selfish


I really hate my drawing class. This is what I am going to turn in on wednesday as part of my sketchbook drawings. There are some really really weird ones in there...but without further ado, the crap I turn in....


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February 06, 2004

Just a photo...

Learning my new camera...

oh and this is version 2.0...I reduced some noise...


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Rock and roll mc dragons


I was chatting with Mason today at the tech dinning area, and to my dismay, I learned that he is a D&D player. This is quintessentially what I gained:

Mason: What, its fun!

Me: Heh...uhh alright...

Mason: Yeah, my character is like a halfling who is normal, but under the chaotic system..

Me: So, like, your character is like the Wesley Willis of the D & D world?

Mason: Who?

Me: Nevermind....

Me:... So, can your characters have sex?

Mason: yeah, my character has a lot of charisma, so it has sex with elves.

Me: Oh... So, can you like get STD's?

Mason: Thats a good idea, I should tell my DM (dungeon master) about that.

Me: Yeah, I would fucking play like mad if I could be a charismatic AIDS bringer. Like, I could go around and infect as many people as possible, but I would be so damn sexy that all the little orcs couldn't resist me.

Mason: Yeah, you should really play sometime.

--- Mason exits

Me: What the fuck just happened?

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February 03, 2004

Hot, sweet, meiji

I'm going to dip you in chocolate and spread you over a stick of yan yan.

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