March 29, 2004

Politics, iz sickz.


Although this is completely unrelated to anything at all, I just wanted to make a political announcement.

I am in no way concerned with the upcomming election, or how it turns out. Like most people I know, I am excited to see an opportunity rise for Bush's retirement, but knowing how our country works, my hopes do not stand on high towers.

Tonight, I was flipping through tv stations, and ended up on c-span. I generally ignore such a thing, but they were showing a debate from 1971, between John Kerry, and John O'neil. The debate was over Vietnamization, the pentagon papers, and the current state of foreign relations with Vietnam. Anyhow, the point of all this, I saw something amazing. John Kerry really showed me that there is a possibillity for intelligence in the white house this year. At the time of the taping, he was 27 years old, but presented himself with knowledge that I cannot even begin to fathom. Both sides argued properly, and I realized that politics then meant so much more than they do now.

Another point I would like to make, is that I am not at all concerned with what side Kerry represents; Liberal, or non, but his vigor and amazing abillity to say what he means to say really blew my mind. I can't imagine George Bush putting up a logical fight against anything Kerry had said, then, or now.

Today's politics seem so trite and ridiculous. It's boggling to me why issues such as gay marriages stand as leading factors in people's voting decisions. We've de-evolved into fighting ourselves over topics that matter the least. Can we not think forward, and take a look at the bigger picture? If you are like me, and realize that the election this year is bull, please, I urge you to look back at a time when debate meant something, and see Kerry at his prime, as for Bush, well, you can keep trying to find something interesting he has had to say...

and I quote " I swear those Weapons of Mass destruction are over there, we'll get them eventually." -Bush litterally joking at his black tie media event-

On a side note....I just want to make a disclaimer, and say that I am not overly educated on Kerry's current standpoints, and therefore do not have an opinion on his running. I wanted to point out his prime moments, to show that there is a possibility of having someone who knows what they are doing in the office.

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March 16, 2004

One last one...

Alana described it as the emo, here the emo... El Emo del emo king


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March 15, 2004

went to minnesota

Yeah, I didnt ask your permission alana, but Im putting it up anyways...


Minnesota was a good time...good music, some good food, and records, many!

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March 02, 2004

toaster for tyler

here...just wanted to show tyler my picture


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