July 13, 2004

Normandy, 1927


For those of you that arrive here expecting a site for the band, I apologize in advance. Yes... this is my blog, but eventually I plan to do an overhaul and make an official site.

If you are intersted in who we are...Well... we're an instrumental group from Rapid City. We make music with toys and junk. We're playing a show August 1st, so check that out...

Until then, go ahead, be a dick and leave comments...makes me happy.

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July 05, 2004



I've really felt disconnected as of late. I'm starting to lose touch with everyone I know, and don't know what to do about it. I mean, I used to go out every weekend, have fun, do something interesting. But now, everyone seems to have some sort of other obligation to do something else... Just a year ago at this time, I was going out on hikes, skating on a nightly basis, and just enjoying every bit of the summer. Now, the summer feels just as crappy as the winter did, and winter has never been a good time for me (see earlier posts). Each day of this crap, I keep secluding myself more and more, and become anti-social. There are so many people that I'm acquainted with, but I never seem to establish a real relationship, where I feel that I could call them at any given time, and they would want to go to a movie with me, or just for a walk... or whatever...

I think I need to move.... I really do.

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July 02, 2004

My own shirt!

Yeaaahh... okay...

So, awhile back I submitted an idea to a couple of online offensive shirt vendors...

Well....I recieve this response last night...

"Jestin, good news! We decided to use your idea.

Get back to me on your info so I know where to send the check and who
write it out to. Also, you get a free "discount abortions" shirt so
me know what style and color you want. If you want a shirt that is
above standard cost, the difference will be deducted from the $100
award. For example, 2XL is $2 extra.

Matt Teiken

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July 01, 2004

the lifestyle


Went into dan's supermarket today to purchase some marshmallows, and I observe to my left a glorious young woman. She is sporting 1990 style jeans, and a shirt in which our sometimes rambunctious friend "tweety bird" is proclaiming: "its all about attitude". I decided to move my eyes towards her cart to see what kind of goodies this sex goddess was picking up. Here are the details of what I saw in the cart: 2 boxes of kleenex, 4 12 packs of diet coke, 4 bottles of dan's dollar store shampoo and conditioner ( the stuff that smells like awesome!), 4 tabloid magazines (oh my, god is really a bum behind prarie market!), and last but not least: 1 " b*** Im gonna kick your a** all around the trailer" sized bottle of Jack Daniels.

It was my time to make a purchase, and I watched, as the beauty before me melted into the sunset.

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