June 25, 2004

The dawn of destiny.

A war is comming...

In the year 20xx, assisted living inhabitants of the earth will join forces with the automated lifestyle of robotic transportation. 2 factions will form: the armorless martyrs wielding the high speed, high velocity, and ultimately bone crushing hoverround, and the ruthless high defense resistance; bearing the un-pierceable basket and handlebars known by it's sur-name: the rascal.

These automated zeitgeists will soon roam the earth at a blistering 1-7 mph pace destroying pesky middle aged, and infantile humans alike. Don't say I didn't warn you mother fucker.

Social security checks are collecting, the mobile equipment is being produced...

A war is begining. A society is dying. The old are getting older. Promote euthenasia to protect our future.

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