Posted on Monday, 18 July 2005 at 07:33 PM. About music.

Sage Wisdom

Lessons learned from bumper stickers, chapter two: if you've ever been to or seen footage of an Insane Clown Posse concert, you know that the crowds at these shows are invariably filled with young middle-class white kids who paint themselves up all ridiculous like a young Gene Simmons at Mardi Gras. They call themselves juggalos. Today I learned that sometimes young women will also do this, and that they call themselves 'juggalettes.'

It was on a bumper sticker! It must be true.

I have no intar-web at home for the rest of the month, so I won't be able to finish redesigning the website for a while. It's a little off right now--the link bar thing is on the left instead of the right, I don't know why. I'll fix it eventually. In the meantime, go read kevspace's blog or something--he is way into electronics and other nifty technology stuff, and he actually updates! Solid.

ADJECTIVE NOUN ARTICLE VERB: I installed this photo gallery software on the website, so now there are a few photos of mine up there. It's no flickr or anything yet, but I'm working on that too.

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