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Six minutes of rhymes

OK, I haven't done a lyrics post in a while but it's something I'd like to get back to, just so I have lyrics to songs for work and such.

This one's another ridiculously wrong hip-hop track... Serengeti is a rapper from Chicago's Frozen Foods Section of jokester rappers. One of the better tracks on his new CD, Noodle-Arm Whimsy, is this six-minute marathon of random rhymes. It's so damned long, I've been trying to decode it on and off now for like a month, but I think I finally have it down. His DJ Cool D and fellow MC Dirty Heat get on this one, and it sounds quite quality.

Download it! (9 MB, 192 kbps mp3)

Lyrics (as best as I can figure):

Alright, David. Let's do it.
(Let's do it.) (Do it!)

[Serengeti King]
Yeah, my man Cool D on the beat, AKA Insight,
my man Dirty Heat's about to flip this shit.
I am Serengeti King. Notice my words, look at
my paragraphs, check this shit out:

So sing like Judy Garland
Don't feed the Martians
Don't forget to tone your body up like Tarzan
I will support a man if he does arsons
Don't trust the dude that only talks in jargons,
OK? Just a little advice in these days
Just a little something to add onto our craze
I wonder how much this hip-hop pays
Imagine being bitten by a gator in the Everglades
Nightmare, I specialize in kite care
I can smell the aroma of a heated affair
One that starts out like google-eyes
And then it ends up that 'that's the bitch that I despise'
Well, that was not that much thinking
For the past 10 years, I've been doing a lot of drinking
Inspired by a butterfly of a woman
That slowly turns into a caterpillar (beats boozin')
Yeah yeah, like it was the look of love
Quickly turning into a novel called the book of drugs
Pure like Gene (Vest) in the middle eighties
(Dave Derrick) metrosexual filled bags of jewels
King of jewels that attract attention
Swim like ducks do in a pond of attention
Guns? Rappers don't want to fix the slums
They require fear and certain ideals to get cash
Yuck, the smell of failure sucks
Uh-oh, you'd forgotten to put oil in and it burned your engine
That's a smell that'll really get your attention
Had a checklist of things to do but didn't really listen
Jerky, my mommy never burped me
Grew up on bread and slurpees, my best friend was Ernie
I went on a giant tour like Journey
Came back so skinny with my nose burning
I guess the most important thing is learning
So when you get older, you won't always be squirming
Wow, aren't I wise as Yoda?
Watch this one--don't shake a can when you open a soda
There's an asterisk: unless you're celebrating
You might have accomplished something that you've been waiting for
How many times have you fallen for the Lord?
Perhaps you're one of those people with a loose-ass core
Ahem, I mostly speak of legions
Like I want to start a colony of people barely breathing by
ach, there's (already) the homeless
I used to say 'I'd like my lime larger in the next Corona,
'Pronto,' like my man Blink
Now I hide behind trees and try to catch snakes
By the way, I'm not the man of my dreams
My girlfriend mostly spoke of me and washed-up things
Like, job-ly challenged, hardly having balance
Loving weird outlets, and when she goes on it's
Quite depressing, like only eating salad dressing
Or trying to find a retard from intense testing
Monster, like you hit your kids
The greatest way to have relationship is when they get big
Like, 'Thanks dad, I really like my stutter
'I feel like a million bucks chopped up in a boat's rudder'
It's enchanted and dazzled like welcome back to the saddle
Isn't it nice how hyenas co-exist with jackals?
Think. I think it's time for my tenth drink
I haven't had a lot of women so I frickin' stink
My man Dirty Heat about to rip it

[Dirty Heat]
Blink and you might miss it
I write just to spite critics
Pimpin, some of my writings can be found with lounge lizards
All this talk about your town's image sounds vintage
I'm havin' sex with giant round women
Talkin' about lying laying down with 'em
Kiss 'em hug 'em love 'em leave 'em
After I tell 'em funny tales, I guzzle whisky bottles
In my visions, fuzzy like bunny tails,
My buddy hails cabs, suddenly bails,
Dag! Bag comma like a Baghdad mama in yo momma nag a lot comma
Joust, it's best to use armor have honor
CD in honor, D is kinda [unintelligible] I'm kinda free, but
This cheese sorta brightened me up
So ex-lax don't get me feeling like I'm in the glee club, oh happy day!
When the streets are calling me home
When sheep are openly cloned
I know it sounds strange, more sheep, more (coats)
Let's (comb up the back range?), simple and plain,
Out on the range, a cowboy's work is never finished
I once knew a jerk who held a very vain grimace
My mother always said "son, can't you talk in plain English?"
I said "sorry, I'm an alien, I've fetish for Arabians."
Edison's inventions let us (go when the rave begins?)
Disco balls, my (crew was) drink Sisco in stalls
Go to class and puke when the teacher calls, tough luck
Imagine making the grade being fucked up,
Bragging rights for life, it's like a book of my business
They're not on the beat, for you freaks to bear witness
My name was Dirty Heat, now I'm back to being David,
'Cause I gotta make a payment on my shiny new Jaguar.
My shiny new Jaguar.
(Yo Cool D? Where ya at?
Cool D? Where ya at?)

[Cool D]
It's in live, lock me up like crackheads around project housing
Said you could do this before, but it went b-broad before browsing
Hey listen, somebody redeem me, hold it up for ransom
Gay like Hanson, smarty-pants, did you get my message like Samson?
You need to. I regroup, card cabbage patch kids,
Kindergarden, junior high or middle school
You send me a different nine--respect it
A direct non-respect
Disingenuous with nine benefits with limitless rap biff kicks
Also, I remember my grandmother saying "do what you're supposed to."
I tell the ladies that also, and also "papercuts hurt too!" Ooh!
They don't get it before it's rap-ending time
I'm here to help not hinder, and jack over the rhyme
Sleek turn hawk burn walk that's the (slitherous?) stalk
Bathroom stall just scummy like detergent watch me start immersion
Like Chaka Khan calling (on roofies?) I feel for you
Was it me, or did somebody tell me your mom was from Kalamazoo?
Cinderella's in play, her dad on the K's,
Incapable of something that most of you can only envy; not relating
Funkier than your music in many various stages of life that you bring
Might be lifted up through ages
Melancholy like (serial Maron Lowe?) (Alexander Conger on cello?)
Some archive nature element of the concerto
Bringing signals like Dirty Heat through mixers
Drink up the elixir like, 'Cool D, it will stunt your growth much quicker.'
I'm three doors down, lookin for rent-payin' wages
Done hanging onto you like pages of Crazy Chase
Bud like pixie stick flavors
Really happenin' like confetti, snow and Gap ads--
Such a drag--or an Australian asking for a fag
Not you! Or is it you? What else to do?
Get a job selling magazine porn or fast food
My life is a solid foundation full of riches,
Not garden tools, sometime lumbering idiots
Equivalent to post(dating?) fools
I frickin' stink with two back-up-- bowels--
Ex-Lax and tuna fish from six months ago in a pantry dish...

Post corrections if you think you have 'em.

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  1. 1 Joan
    Posted on Wednesday, 20 July 2005 at 10:11 PM about 'Six minutes of rhymes'.

    Thanks for this! Thumbs up.

    So my shoe size is about 9-9 1/2 in women's, and my mouth is probably about 9-9 1/2 in women's right now... I guess what I'm trying to say is... how do I switch to Movable Type?

  2. 2 Joan
    Posted on Thursday, 21 July 2005 at 10:47 AM about 'Six minutes of rhymes'.

    Elso: "Like Chaka Khan calling (on roofies?) "

    That's "Chaka Khan calling on Rufus." Rufus would be the band she was a part of in the early/mid-70s. "I Feel For You" is a Prince song that Khan covered without Rufus.

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