Katrina  2565

Posted on Saturday, 17 September 2005 at 03:26 AM. About national affairs.

So I live in Iowa, and there was a horrible natural disaster down in the Gulf of Mexico a while ago, and being the plugged-in fellow I am I have been inundated with information about this horrible tragedy. But this has to be the most vivid and incredible account I've heard so far:

At one point, there's a guy in a stolen Jeep Liberty who's shooting at us with an M16. It jammed on him--he didn't know what he was doing--and we were able to persuade him out of the vehicle the way I normally persuade people out of vehicles, and we were able to subdue him. We weren't technically the most polite in subduing him.

That's not even the good part, either. Go. Read it. Go on. It's quite good.

Worked until about an hour ago, working again in the morning. I'll post more soon, for real.

Fall semester  1228

Posted on Thursday, 8 September 2005 at 12:59 AM. About Ames.

A story:

At the end of my last class today, instead of just filing out the back of the big, two-story Food Science Building auditorium like I always do, I went down to the stage to talk to the professor about something and left through a side door I'd never noticed. It opened into this basement hallway I'd never seen before. In both directions there were bright red EXIT signs hanging from the ceiling, and beyond them on each far wall was a hand-written sign reading, "NO EXIT."

Then someone else walked out of the lecture hall and, ignoring the signs, went down the hall, walked into a door at the end and promptly walked right back out. "Guess the sign was right," he said, and we wandered around for a while, trying different doors until we made our way out.

No point to that, really, just my emo moment of the day. Anyway, INTAR-WEB I'm back! I'll see what I can do about getting things going again.

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