Sunday  2

Posted on Sunday, 20 June 2004 at 07:10 AM. About Ames. About New York.

I guess I haven't really written anything in a while, eh?

Well... no. But I haven't done much of anything else in the last two months. Wait, no, that's not true. It's more like this:

In April I went to New York. Then I came back and didn't do anything at all for a month. This was bad. Then in May I got some nasty letters, so I've been gradually rejoining society. Now it's nearly June and I'm still stuck in Iowa, with most/all of my posse elsewhere and millipedes crawling all over the house. The clock on the endtable behind me is making a strange noise--not unlike that of a goose--but I intend to fix that too.

However, it is 7 am and I am going to bed instead of getting up, so OK for now.

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