Today was my first full day in Europe, and I only spent about half of it in Germany. In the morning I went to the american air force base nearby called Spangdahlem, where I looked for a jobby job. I think I'm going to get work at a place called the pet spa; I'll get to work with dogs and cats and other animals that people want professionals to groom or kennel. I got to see the places where my parents work, ate lunch (I'm embarrassed to say at POPEYE"S CHICKEN), bought some tea, and drove to LUXEMBOURG!

It's about 65km, so that means something like almost 40 miles away, and we made it there in half an hour (thanks to the autobahn).

We crossed a bridge on our way into the city, and I looked over the side expecting to see water, though I only saw that we were very high in the sky. the bridge crossed the Mosul valley, which happens to be pretty dry at that point. I did see the "river" eventually, but it is no more than 10 feet wide at any given spot in Luxembourg.

The city of Luxembourg is a very fine place. I enjoyed the visit I had, and I hope to go there again soon, for it is so near, and so very interesting. There, most people speak French or the local language, Lėtzebuergesch, which is actually just a dialect of French. My family and I stuck out like sore thumbs on the early Friday evening, but decided that since we know no one in Lux(embourg), and that they do not know us, that we should have a fine time not caring what anyone thinks about us or the USA.

So then, we helped ourselves to some chairs in front of a sidewalk cafe on the "Place de Paris" and ordered some chicken curry. My father got a baguette with cheese (how plain!). My brother ordered also a Basel, a beer I have never seen or tasted; I was doing much of the ordering, and I got myself a CORONA. I know, yes. I know!!! I am in Europe, I should order a european beer, right? I thought it was a bit crazy to order a corona in Luxembourg, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed what happened to my beer even more than the food and the atmosphere, though.

Our waitress stopped at our table to find out if we needed anything more, and to drop the check. As she leaned over to drop the slip onto the table, she noticed a GNAT on my glass of corona. She reached over to the bug at the glass, as I said,

"it's on the outside of the glass..."

She didn't understand those words in english, and touched the bug between her finger and the glass. Just as she pulled her finger away, and JUST as the fingertip which held the tiny bug was over the opening of the glass, the gnat wiggled (in a dying spasm, apparently), and the offending insect fell into my beer. All of this happened in seconds, and she lifted my glass and its contents to get me another drink immediately.

My delight came when I realised I had gotten four free drinks of beer. HA! The rest of the service was prompt and courteous, and she apologised profusely for such a tiny mistake, but we tipped her enormously inspite of the error.

tomorrow, I go to a castle in the mountains. I suppose I shall write more when I return.

also. Matrix Reloaded sucked. It reminded me of back to the future (TO BE CONCLUDED? what the fuck is that?), and it seemed too much like a comic book.


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(here it is. the full text. I would claim to have written this at 6am on May 15th)

Subject: Discount Smokes and Free Shipping
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Date: 2003-05-15 06:23:02 PST

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(If you can decipher it, that would be most appreciated. I think I was channeling alien English from the 263rd century, but maybe I was just making up clever anagrams.)

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3 weeks from today, I leave for germany.

I want to kill. kill. KILL!!!

oh, I mean, live. yeah, live.....LIVE!!!

I get to sell all of my textbooks back to the state, and get a bunch of money for them tomorrow. I can forget about school completely for the summer, and spend the money I get from the books that I sell tomorrow.

ah. I guess. I am luckier than most people my age. how many kids get to just take off for the summer to go live in germany and not have to pay for anything when they are there? I won't have any bills, and I won't have to pay taxes, so I get to keep every hard earned dollar that I make this summer!!



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