May 15, 2004

interpol sucks

Hmm... Just wanted to post this up. This is our first show, and I hope anyone around here who reads this makes it out. We're "normandy, 1927" btw.


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May 13, 2004

Modest Mouse Sucks


Well, I just wanted to show off my precious really... I'm in love with my purchase, and I think you can see why. Ahh...... ahhh.... Money equals hapiness, and I think anyone who sees differently should buy a guitar like this:


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May 07, 2004

Emu... face... ouch!

Edit.. . for google.. this cant be here...

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May 06, 2004

An emu drops a steamy turd.avi


Tonight, we had our second chance to play with Sam French as our bass player in the band. Last week was less than spectacular, but he was learning the songs, and we didnt have a drummer. Anyhow, tonight, things went incredibly well. I really think just a couple more practices and we will be more than ready to play a show. Sam uses as 6 string bass, and is technically far beyond anywhere I will be able to reach with playing skills. Im just really fucking excited at this point.. go post rock, go.

School is over, and slowly I watch my grades being put up on the web. My fingers are crossed, because I didnt work half as hard as I should of, but judging by my sociology grade, that's not an issue. I have a summer ahead of me, and hopefully I get something accomplished this time around. What? I don't know.

I will have more time to drop journal entries, so that might come a bit more. I need to come up with witty titles so I have hundereds of radiohead lovers and haters come to my site. If you haven't looked at the post yet, you will notice that there are roughly 40 comments regarding my "radiohead sucks" post. Really, no one has even read the actual post it seems, they are just bickering between each other. So, starting after this post, I am going to title my entries with "(insert band name) sucks" and see how many hits I get :)

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